Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started: If you have never climbed with us or anywhere before you can call in to reserve our staff to assist you with your first climb and can 'belay' you (See Belay definition below).  Or you can take a belaying lesson which will teach you how to 'belay' a fellow climber including the proper control of the safety line which is protecting the climber in event of a fall. Eg: how to put on a harness properly,  make a figure 8 knot, attach  a gri gri and more.

If you prefer not to do the lesson you can call in to reserve a time where our staff can do all the belaying in order for you to climb.

What is Belaying?  Here at Climbers Corner we offer the most commonly practiced type of climbing, "top-roping". Top-roping involves one person doing the climbing and the other person controlling the safety line or rope, through a belay device called a "gri gri".  The climber and belayer are linked together by the rope and if the climber falls off the wall as they are climbing, the rope locks into the gri gri device and there is no chance of the climber falling any further.  The belayer will then safely lower the climber to the ground using the gri gri.

Belaying is an important part of the climbing chain of safety and one of the most important skills that any novice climber must learn to become a safe climber.

Do I need a lesson in order to Belay?  If you have never climbed anywhere before or have climbed only a few times then YES, you should register for an introductory lesson so you can then come back at any time and climb or belay someone else . If you are an experienced climber then you only need is a quick belay certification test at our gym to confirm our staff knows that you are a safe climber.  Only then will you be allowed to belay. 

What should I wear?  Comfortable, nonrestrictive active wear should be worn at all times eg: sweat pants, shorts, yoga pants, T-shirts etc. Climbing shoes are preferred and available to rent, clean indoor running shoes are acceptable as well. No boots, dirty or very worn out shoes will be allowed.


Waivers: All waivers are to be completed and signed by the appropriate parent / guardian in person at the Climbers Corner office. All climbers 17 and under must have this waiver signed before they are allowed to climb at our facility by their parent or guardian, not by the person who brought them to the gym or birthday party... NO EXCEPTIONS.


What is the minimum age to climb? Usually climbers start at  4 yrs old but if they are strong enough and brave enough to try climbing then there really is no minimum age. We have harnesses that will fit the smallest little climber.


10 Punch Pass: This is our most convenient option if you can't commit to a 3 month membership or to climbing more that 10 times a month. This is the only membership option where we provide laminated 'punch' cards, that are punched at each visit.  PLEASE NOTE: If you loose your card we will NOT replace it with another.